Organic Aqua Pond Filter Activator

Organic Aqua

  • R 189.99

Organic Aqua Pond Filter Activator

Contains plant materials that activate a healthy balance of microbes in the filter & water for more effective filtration and biological waste reduction. It instantly “kick-starts” a new filter & allows for immediate stocking of a new system when combined with the Organic Aqua Oxy range or Water Care. This is a natural cultivated bacteria over a period of 6 to 8 weeks and contains no artificial ingredients or preservatives.

Product Features

  • Filter Activator flocculates waste particles & biologically reduces waste and sludge
  • Purchase this product to immediately activate effective filtration or to reduce the “running in period of a new filter”
  • Natural environmentally friendly products that are safe for all aquatic life, humans and the environment
  • Apply to give the filter a kick start)
  • Available in 100g (treats up to 5000L) or 250g (treats up to 12500L)

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