Organic Aqua Aquarium Oxy Drops

Organic Aqua

  • R 36.99

Organic Aqua Aquarium Oxy Drops

Is an all in one solution for clean, clear water. It contains plant extracts that instantly activates the increase of DO (Dissolved Oxygen) levels in the water. DO is a vital substance for animals & plants and ensures a healthy balanced aquatic system. Low levels can be fatal for your fish, aquatic life & plants. Adequate levels are excellent for increasing the overall water clarity, quality, water life, plants & fish in your system. 

Product Features

  • Oxy aquatic effectively treats & controls green water & all strains of algae
  • It contains no hydro chloride or other harmful ingredients
  • Purchase this product for a natural DO boost to increase the vibrancy of your system or for when green water or algae control is needed, combine with filter activator to stock a brand new system effectively
  • Natural environmentally friendly products that are safe for all aquatic life, humans and the environment
  • Available in 20ml (treats up to 400L)

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