Organic Aqua Aquarium Algae Kit

Organic Aqua

  • R 64.99

Organic Aqua Aquarium Algae Kit

Organic Aqua assists with creating a more effective hobby especially for first timers. Easy application convenience kits for effective cycling. Reduced water changes & high maintenance. Healthy balanced microbes which are cultivated in a natural environment will stimulate more effective filtration. Environmentally friendly products that will also help save water.

Product Features

  • To treat and control green water or all strains of algae in your aquarium
  • Contains the filter activator plus (a combination of the organic aqua live bacteria cultivated over a period of 6 to 8 weeks and barley extract) and oxy aquatic – the most effective algae control solution
  • Monthly instead of weekly water changes
  • Save money on water, electricity & labour
  • Reduce high maintenance and water changes to once a month
  • Natural environmentally friendly products that are safe for all aquatic life, humans and the environment
  • Available in 1-20L, 20-60L, 60-100L, 100-250L or 250-500L kits

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