Deli Nature Bird Seed Amazonas Park Pantanal 2 kg

Deli Nature

  • R 275.99

Deli Nature Bird Seed Amazonas Park Pantanal 2 kg

Is a quality mixture for all large macaw species, palm cockatoos and all other parrots/ large parakeets which are in need of a fatty, heavy diet (e.g. Golden conure). This mixture contains seeds and a variety of 12% nuts making it unique in its range. The mixture is enriched with bird grit and extruded pellets for extra vitamins, amino-acids and trace-elements

Composition: Black sunflower seed, large stripe sunflower seed, white sunflower seed, safflower, white sorghum, buckwheat, puffed maize, pumpkin seed, cedar nuts, brazil nuts, wheat, puffed wheat, extruded pellets, peeled peanuts, grit, rosehips, paddy rice, pealed oats, carrot pieces, walnuts, Marian thistle, mountain-ash berries, banana slices, pineapple, papaya, chilli peppers.

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  • Weight 2 kg

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