Golden Kat Litter

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Our latest cat litter product has hit the shores of SA and will be available at retailers shortly.  Drop us an email to find your nearest retailer or have your local pet store stock our fantastic products!

Premium Quality Natural Clay Scented Clumping Range is 100% Pure, Fresh & Hygienic.

Golden Kat Scented Clumping range cat litter is made from the finest natural clay reserves. It is an economical and easy to use cat litter with instant clumping capabilities.  Available in baby powder,  lavender, apple or lemon scents.

Product Features

  • Economical and easy to use cat litter lasting longer
  • Super absorbent forming instant clumps keeping your cats litter tray dry
  • Sun dried natural clay that does not support bacterial life
  • Dust free natural colour best for your cats instincts
  • Strong odour control rapidly locking in bad odours
  • Releases pleasant fragrance when wet
  • Super fine and soft on your cats paws
  • Available in baby powder, lavender, apple or lemon scents
  • 1 bag per cat per month
  • Available in 5kg bags

Directions for Use

  • Pour required quantity directly into your cats litter tray or box
  • Gradually replace existing cat litter by introducing Golden Kat Litter for first time users
  • Allow your cat to get accustomed to Golden Kat Litter for first time users
  • Dispose off only the soiled clumps and continue using the remaining cat litter
  • Cat litter tray or box must be cleaned regularly to keep clean and hygienic
  • Store Golden Kat Litter in a cool, dry and well ventilated place away from foreign materials

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